World medal champ speaks to Go! on win

Luke Tinof

After representing SA at the Biathle World Championships in Spain, what do your medals mean to you?

My silver and gold team medals mean a lot to me. Competing in a world championship event and competing against the best of the best and winning a medal, even a team medal, means all that training, perseverance and mental strength, and sacrifice was worth it.

Receiving these medals made me feel proud and humble and grateful to my coaches and God who gave me the ability to compete at this level.

What were some of your race-challenging obstacles?

Shooting the target with a laser gun without shaking the arms, the bunch started and the soft sand we had to run on made our legs tired.

The competition was also fierce and the nervousness this causes is an obstacle that every athlete faces, including myself.

Which race aspects were the easiest for you?

Shoe-changing was one of the easiest and running on the road was comparatively easier than running on the sand.

How was your experience, and your favourite takeaway from taking part in the world championships?

It was a nerve-wracking experience with exciting moments and stressful times.

Knowing many athletes from all across the world and making friends with them, knowing they are the best of the best in their country and feel the same emotions as you when you race, was my favourite part, as well as motivating and cheering on the other South African athletes.

What more would you like to achieve in this sporting code?

To learn from my experiences and improve in all aspects to become better as an athlete and to push out of my comfort zone.


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