EL’s Hillier makes top three in reality show


WIFE MATERIAL: Former Cambridge High pupil Kedeshia Hillier on the set of ‘Houvrou of Trouvrou’. Picture: SUPPLIED

Former Cambridge High School pupil Kedeshia Hillier has made it to the top three of DStv channel VIA’s reality show Houvrou of Trouvrou.

The show features eight women competing for the grand prize of R500,000 and the esteemed “wife material” title.

The women compete in different challenges and are scored by a select panel of judges.

The challenges test their ability to balance the domestic demands of a wife with the desires of a modern woman.

Hillier, 26, is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and freelance artist who has worked in the entertainment industry for about six years.

She said this experience had provided her with the social skills needed to advance in the competition.

“I entered but I did not have high hopes because I just wasn’t sure I met the criteria they were looking for,” Hillier said.

“Going into the competition, I didn’t really have a strategy to win. I didn’t know what to expect.

“Reality TV is a completely different ball game, but I love it because I am all about being real, and what better way to showcase my realness than a reality show.

“Speaking Afrikaans consistently on the show was a bit of a challenge, but I love a challenge.

“It would be such an honour to win. I would definitely make use of the funds to follow my dreams.

“I would like to start an NGO that will assist abused women and children, as this is a cause that is very close to my heart.”

To reach the top three, alongside Natastassja Ras and Dané Venter, Hillier had to participate in challenges that saw them cooking, looking after children, and showcasing their talents, among others.

“I found that each woman was strong and independent in their own way. I’m grateful that I met each one of them.

“I definitely understand why each woman was chosen for the show,” Hillier said.

Her family’s hospitality background enabled her to fare well in challenges that required culinary prowess, however, she admits to struggling with activities that were more physically demanding. “My least favourite was definitely the challenge where we had to change a car’s wheel because I have no idea about anything car-related,” she said.

“I definitely surprised myself with the amount of physical strength I never knew I had.”

Encouraging others to challenge themselves, she said: “Don’t be afraid to take a chance because amazing things happen when you challenge yourself. And be who you are; never pretend to be someone else.

“Regardless of the outcome of this competition, I will not lose faith or focus.

“I want to genuinely make a difference in the world, whether it is through my art, my music, or even just my good deeds.”

The final episode of Houvrou of Trouvrou aired on Wednesday evening, 30 November 2022, with Nastassja Ras announced as the overall winner of the reality competition.


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