Hawks raise thousands for charity

The Hawks Motorcyle Club donated DJ Sobey Old Age Home and Just Love Them Into The Kingdom Outreach with much-needed funds totalling R40,000, which they raised at their Carols by Candlelight event in December.

Earlier in 2022, the Hawks hosted their annual Kasi Dayjol to raise funds for DJ Sobey and the outreach centre.

The club’s president, Bradley Loots, said: “Our event [Kasi Dayjol] is very well supported by our community and without their support over the years fundraising would never be the success it is each year.

“I believe it is because of the work we do in our communities that our event is such a success each year.”

The Kasi Dayjol has been a huge source of support for DJ Sobey over the years, as well as other organisations supported in the past, such as Clean Slate.

Jurgen Fritz, founder of Just Love Them Into The Kingdom Outreach in Vergenoeg, said: “This is the second year the Hawks have donated to the centre and we are grateful and humbled by the gesture.

“Last year’s donation went towards improvements to the centre and rehabilitation at Kwa-Sizabantu Mission.

“We run a daily prayer group for addicts and recovering addicts and their families.

“We pray daily at Trinity Baptist Church from 5-6am in the morning and from 5-6pm in the evenings.

“As a newly-formed NPO it can be very challenging to get funding, or even people willing to listen to what we do, because let’s face it, we have all been affected directly or indirectly by someone who is on drugs.

“The money we received from the Hawks will help us to improve our fencing to secure the centre and we will also be looking at ways to improve the vegetable garden and the rest of the money will go towards assisting those at the centre

CLUB GIVES HOPE: Hawks Motorcycle Club members hand over a R5,000 donation to Jurgen Fritz, founder of the Just Love Them Into The Kingdom Outreach in Vergenoeg Pictures: NORMAN LEWIS


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