Go Review – Ginny & Georgia

FAMILY CONFLICT: Antonia Gentry, left, and Brianne Howey play a complex mother-daughter duo in the Netflix series ‘Ginny & Georgia’. Picture: SUPPLIED

Genre: comedy, drama

Netflix series Ginny & Georgia follows the story of a free-spirited mother and her two children as they navigate a new life in the fictional town of Wellsbury.

Their rollercoaster relationships are tested as they face issues such as bullying, racism, abuse, past trauma, and self-harm.

In season one, flashbacks reveal details of Georgia’s past that explain her behaviour and criminal bent.

Some issues in the show are not very well handled, such as the “oppression Olympics” between Ginny and a young Asian man, Hunter.

Ginny argues that Hunter doesn’t understand the racism she experiences because he is half-Taiwanese.

Season two tackles more serious issues with a bit more sensitivity and depth.

The different mental health issues Ginny and her love interest, Marcus, face are realistically portrayed and relatable to many. Georgia is a beautiful, charismatic woman who has had a tough life.

Her love for her children is unconditional and knows no boundaries. She will do anything to protect them, even going as far as committing murder and various other crimes.

Ginny is a complicated 15- year-old who has had to deal with loneliness due to constant moving, racism, and a mother who doesn’t understand boundaries.

However, Ginny grows from being a quick-tempered and selfish teenager into a more emotionally mature and open young woman.

Georgia’s young son, who is Ginny’s half-brother, has to deal with bullying and other issues.

This is a simple drama series, though with twists that will keep fans glued. The supporting actors bring some much-needed lightheartedness to the otherwise heavy topics.

Netflix has yet to announce a third season.


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