Students prepare to spread love with music

MUSICAL LOVE STORY: Students of the Sonwa Sakuba Institute for Performing Arts performing at last year’s production of ‘All You Need Is Love’. The students will be putting on this year’s show from February 13-14 at Guild Theatre. Picture. SUPPLIED.

The Sonwa Sakuba Institute for Performing Arts is back with the first of many productions this year called “All You Need Is Love”, a romantic showcase of musical performances by the students, suitable for music and romance lovers alike.

The show will be taking place at the Guild Theatre from February 13-14 at 19:00.

Audiences will be treated to 90 minutes of the most romantic love songs from Luther Vandross to Mariah Carey, Vusi Nova, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and many more.

Sakuba who was also responsible for last year’s successful show has put this year’s show in the hands of his talented students and is confident that the show will exceed expectations.

“The show will feature many beautiful love songs and I’ve tried not to do them the traditional way. People are going to be blown away by the different elements of the show and the types of songs that will be performed.

“Whether you’re single, in a relationship, jilted by love, there’s something for everybody and the production speaks about various different places of love and different situations of love,” said Sakuba

The production, which has taken Sakuba a month to put together, will see the third-year students taking more responsibility in roles on stage as well as backstage.

“I am not choreographing all the numbers.

“I’ve given a lot of the responsibilities of choreographing songs of the numbers to some of the students.

“I think it’s a good thing because they need to start learning how to apply the skills that they have learned at school in a professional workspace, especially the third years because this is their final year,” said Sakuba.

The 25 students received the songs throughout the December holidays and began rehearsals on January 14 which also happened to be the same day as registration day for the students.

“I could tell you some of the things that are different from last year’s show, but then I would be giving away some of the show secrets,” said Sakuba.

Tickets for the show are available at Computicket at R100 per person.


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