Hair care tips for the year

We caught up with Candice Wittstock from Chez Francios about the best hair care practices people should follow in 2023.

First who are you and what do you do?

I am Candice Lee Wittstock, co-owner and senior stylist at Chez Francois Hair Gallery.

I’ve been In this industry for over eight years. I’ve worked at Sprit for a short time during my studies. Thereafter I’ve worked at Hair Options Unlimited as they specialise in hair-loss,  a condition that has become common over the years.

I’ve found passion in transforming people’s looks.

I have carried some of my experience into my journey at Chez still continuing to enhance clients’ looks and building their confidence when it comes to colour, cuts and stylising as well as extensions and non-surgical hair replacements.

What are some important hair care goals people should be setting?

The more mature clients should set goals that seek to preserve the condition of their hair especially because it’s more trendy now to maintain grey hair. Older clients should seek to incorporate more natural-based products

Our younger generation is more into colour changing, braiding and highlighting and even though they are doing this they need to take steps to maintain their hair.

Come to Chez for treatments and products.

What does one consider when setting hair care goals for the year?

Try to maintain your hair’s health and natural texture.

What are some unhealthy hair care practices people should leave behind in 2022?

stick to your stylist and avoid chopping and changing between stylists and salons because as stylists we become familiar with your hair and we learn to care for it best from our experience with it.

Trust the treatments stylists advise.

What are some easy daily hair care practices people can include into their daily routine?

Wash hair as needed.

Moisturise hair more as the right amount of moisture gives your hair the daily shine and bounce it needs.

Be gentle on hair.

Brush from ends working your way up to mid lengths to roots depending if your hair is thick and curly or tangles quite a lot.

EXPERT HANDS: Candice Wittstock seen here busy with a client. Picture: SUPPLIED


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