Thieves strip newly fixed traffic lights

Just 48 hours after being repaired, the traffic lights at the N2 off-ramp to Gonubie were stripped once again by cable thieves on January 25.

Gonubie residents said before this latest incident, the traffic lights had not been working for months, making it dangerous for motorists.

Ward councillor Geraldine Knoetzer said: “We need to get all authorities on board so we can stop this huge loss to the municipality and give residents the service they deserve.

“We are just grateful we don’t have accidents occurring daily.

“It is also blatantly obvious that without alarmed cameras linked to armed response, cables and other metal components will continue to get re-stolen soon after repairs have been completed.

“The municipality confirmed that plans are under way to install security monitoring systems and then to begin repair work of the traffic lights.

“There are currently about 20 intersections that have been vandalised, so estimating a time frame as to when the traffic light will be operational again is difficult, however, BCM prioritises the repairs based on the volume of traffic.

“So we, as Gonubie, should be right at the top of the list.“

Knoetzer said clearing bush at intersections and securing camera’s to traffic lights would help deter thieves and enable authorities to apprehend them.


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