First-year students shine in their debut productions

The first-year students of Sonwa Sakuba Institute for Performing Arts put on stellar performances last week with their self-produced presentations of the theme ‘Hidden Identity’.

The three shows, which were all showcased at their studios in Hemingways, blew audiences away with not only the deep and thought-provoking stories but also the raw and undeniable talent presented by each student.

Sonwa Sakuba, who merely guided the students through their planning, described the process as tough but a great opportunity to see the skills that the students had at the start of the year.

“The students had to come up with their own interpretation of what hidden identity meant to them. The journey was tough and concepts had to change multiple times. But this was a great opportunity to see the strengths of each of the students, what experience they have, and how well they work in a group setting.”

Zolisa Maku, one of the first-year students, says planning their show was tough and but the lessons learned along the way had been worth it.

“At first everything went easy, we weren’t under pressure. We were resting a bit and taking it easy; until we found out we have two weeks left, and that’s when the pressure got worse.

“We did our best to put the play together. I learned so much about blocking in theatre but realism was a challenge.

“I think it is important to be creative and produce something for your audience to understand,” said Maku.

The show started with a choir where the first years showed off their amazing vocal ranges.

The first play featured themes of witchcraft and told the story of a mother who goes to extreme lengths for her child.

The second show explored themes of abandonment, drugs, and the consequences of gender-based violence. A mother abandons her child on the street but they are later reunited by a chance encounter.

The final play tackled themes of forbidden love, arranged marriages, and queer love. The story follows a young man who is burdened by his father’s expectations to marry and continue the family legacy.

The family is unaware that the young man has already found love in the arms of another man.

The acting performances were all brilliant and each story had moments that left the audience shocked and in awe.

The students must be commended for being able to capture the audience and have them feel every intended emotion.


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