Go Review – Scream VI

FAVOURED FRANCHISE: Ghostface killer strikes again in latest ‘Scream’ film. Picture: SUPPLIED

Genre: Horror, mystery, thriller 

After 27 years, the Scream franchise still manages to keep audiences entertained and the latest film in the series is no exception.

Striking a balance between the conventions of modern-day and the nostalgic style of a slasher film, Scream VI is the sixth movie in the franchise and continues the story from the end of the plot of the fifth film, released in 2022.

Four survivors of the Woodsboro legacy killings move to New York City to rebuild their lives. However, their fresh start is curtailed by a new killer intent on finishing them off one by one.

True to the conventions of the series, the characters must outwit the killer or face their bloody end.

While it is possible to watch this movie and enjoy it without watching any of the previous installments, it is advisable to watch the others first to appreciate all the references to the previous films.

Audiences can expect a treat from the opening scene of the film that perfectly captures the true essence of Ghostface and what has made him such an iconic killer in this series.

The core four (Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, and Jasmin Savoy Brown) are great. Their familial bonds and friendship are believable on screen, and their overall likeability makes them fun to watch, proving they can carry a film without the need to rely on legacy characters.

The only returning characters are Hayden Panettiere and Courteney Cox (who has played Gale Weathers in all six movies).

The film may be picked apart by critics, but slasher film aficionados will appreciate it.

Some of the characters’ decisions are questionable, but also true to what has made the Scream franchise what it is.

It is best to go into this movie expecting to have a fun time and accept the ride for what it is.

Scream VI is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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