Bottle tops and bread tags used to make a difference

COLLECTING HEARTS: Some of the bread tags and bottle tops the Sweetheart Foundation has collected in exchange for wheelchairs over the last 10 years. Picture: SUPPLIED

Bread tags and plastic bottle tops are rubbish to the average person, however, the Sweetheart Foundation has found a way to use them to change the lives of those in need of wheelchairs.

This non-profit organisation has so far managed to provide 498 wheelchairs to individuals across the country.

The volunteer-run foundation has operated over the last 10 years under the firm belief that a wheelchair should be recognised as a basic human right and that everyone who requires one should have access to it.

The foundation collects large amounts of bread tags and plastic bottle tops from various individuals, schools, and organizations nationwide.

These collections are then recycled by local recycling companies who in return pay The Sweetheart Foundation in cash. The money is then used to manufacture a wheelchair for the beneficiary on top of the waiting list.

Sweetheart Foundation manager Jessica Gordon said the foundation was rooted in a strong need to assist those in need while also making a difference in the environment.

“We found a gap in the market and have now found a way of giving the gift of movement and also doing recycling. We recognise that our beneficiaries are of different ages and circumstances and live in different environments, so we try to tailor each wheelchair to each person.

“Our organisation is entirely operated by volunteers as we use all the funds that we get on wheelchairs, so we need people who can help with the recycling, collectors and assistants to help with collection points and administration. Any help we receive will be appreciated,” Gordon said.

The public is also welcome to bring bread tags and bottle tops to the foundation or make a donation towards the wheelchairs.

For more information, visit the Sweetheart Foundation website at


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