GO Review – The Mother

ACTION DISSATISFACTION: Jennifer Lopez stars in Netflix’s latest action film, ‘The Mother’. Picture: SUPPLIED

Genre: Action, Thriller 

Despite the star power of Jennifer Lopez in the lead role, The Mother does little to innovate established fictional plots based on human trafficking.

If you’ve seen Peppermint (2018), Kidnap (2017), or any of the Taken films, then the premise of The Mother will not be novel to you.

Lopez plays the title role of a retired assassin, living in isolation, who is forced back into the field when the daughter she gave up for safety reasons gets kidnapped by criminals from her past.

The plot follows the established narrative arc of abduction, followed by a thrilling adventure to rescue the victim.

The scenes feature action sequences with intricate choreography, however, there are no surprise elements or any great shots to speak of.

All the plot points are convenient, predictable, and uninspiring.

Lopez’s performance is by far the only decent element of the film and if you’re familiar with her filmography, that’s saying a lot.

Lucy Paez plays Zoe, the abducted daughter, whose acting shows great promise, however, the forced chemistry between her and Lopez is awkward.

The brief chemistry Lopez shares with Omari Hardwick’s character was believable and perhaps further exploration of their relationship might have benefitted the film.

This is an unfortunate pattern in the movie, as many plot points are mentioned or hinted at and never brought up again.

It is easy to see that Lopez truly committed herself to her physical performances.

If the scriptwriters and directors had committed themselves to their roles just as much, it might have been a better film.

The Mother is available to watch on Netflix.


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