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CLEANING UP: Nci Tshiki provides hygiene, cleaning, fumigation and pest control services.

We chat with Nci Tshiki, owner of local business Squeeky Clean.

What do you do? What product or service do you offer? 

I manufacture and supply quality cleaning products and provide hygiene, cleaning, fumigation, and pest control services. I offer quality cleaning products like pine gel, multipurpose degreaser and cleaner, thick bleach, dishwashing liquid, 70% approved hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and all-purpose cleaner.

When and why did you start your business?

I started in 2010 but only registered in March 2012. I grew up in a business-oriented family and as the last born at home I was always tasked with washing dishes. This is how I discovered that generic dishwashing liquids did the same job as other well-known brands and so I decided to buy in bulk from manufacturing companies

How many people do you work with and what do they do? 

I work with five people and they have different roles including warehouse manager, store manager, store assistant, and general employees.

What qualification or experience does one need in your line of business? 

No qualifications are needed, but a person must be able to pay attention to detail. Knowledge of retail helps.

What challenges have you had to overcome? 

Management of stock, collection of money from debtors, getting people to know the product, and making it accessible to the public. I overcome challenges by persevering, keeping enough stock, and ensuring strict terms on money collection. I have tried minimizing unnecessary expenses. I constantly speak about my brand to everyone I interacted with.

What goals have you set for this year? 

I want my Pine gel to be available in most retail stores around the province and nationally.

What is your proudest moment? 

My proudest moment was when my product was put on shelves at Nicks Foods in Qonce.

Some of Squeeky Clean’s cleaning products.

What advice would you give to someone who is going into the same line of business? 

Not every day is guaranteed to be successful but every day is a chance to grow.

What makes your business different from others? 

My business is built on energy and I focus on ensuring that I produce a quality product at the lowest price possible to the consumer. I believe small margins in bulk is better than large margins occasionally.

How can people reach you? 

Whatsapp/calls/SMS — 071- 222-2345

Email: squeekycleanproducts@ gmail.com

Facebook: Squeeky Clean Quality Cleaning Products


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