Local para-surfer wins cash prize and spot on SA team


Renowned local para-surfer, JP Veaudry has reclaimed his spot on the SA team and successfully defended his International Surfing Association title at the Tyrelife Para-surfing Championships in Muizenberg in May.

Veaudry came first, winning a cash prize in the PS2 division with his highest scores of 6.67 and 5.67.

These scores will convert to points toward his global ranking, which will enable him to represent SA later this year in the US.

This year, the championships were combined with the Para Surf League (PSL) Open, hosted by Ocean Freedom, an NPO that uses water sports for therapy, and attracted more than 62 athletes over nine divisions, with some coming from abroad, to mark the first time the events have been held simultaneously.

Veaudry said conditions were not ideal, with small waves and howling rain.

He said: “My strength is the knowledge I have from putting in hours of practice and my years of experience in international events.

“I am very stoked to retain my SA title.

“I am always trying to better myself and this year at the international games, I really want to bring home the gold.”

Open Freedom founder, Roxy Davis said Veaudry’s performances remain at an international standard due to his commitment to the sport.

She said: “JP is an experienced and surfs all condition waves.

“He takes on any conditions the contest delivers.

“He has constant support and love from his wife and two girls that are always encouraging him.”

The PSL Open is a new innovative adaptation to para-surfing that will enable the sport to enter the Paralympics in 2028.

Athletes are required to compete across the world and finish within the top 16 globally to compete for the coveted Global Champion prize.


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