GO Review – Fast X

FILM FALLS FLAT: A scene from the latest film in the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise, ‘Fast X’, now snowing at the cinema. Picture: SUPPLIED

Genre: Action, adventure, crime 

Fast X is the 10th installment in a movie series that should have ended a good five years ago.

What started out as a fun movie about racing and fancy cars, has somehow morphed into a CGI-filled mess.

The series protagonist, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family are targeted by the vengeful son of a drug kingpin that the team killed during a safe heist in Fast Five.

Dante Reyes is an eccentric villain played by Jason Momoa, with an elaborate and detailed plan to get revenge on Toretto by attacking his family.

If you have seen any of the sequels after Fast Five, you already know what to expect.

There’s the over-the-top action scenes, a double agent and a character returning from the dead.

True fans of the series will appreciate the nostalgic effect brought on by scenes that include the late Paul Walker as well as racing montages similar to what the series was initially known for.

The 22-year-old series is a perfect example of the phrase “too much of a good thing is bad for you”. The stunts have become so unrealistic they are laughable.

The dialogue is uninspiring and even the banter between Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) fails to provide comic relief.

While suspending reality is imperative to escapist cinema, the Fast and Furious franchise has become over reliant on fantasy at the detriment of cinematic elements such as plot.

If you do enjoy this movie, you’re in luck because it is the first in a three-part finale.

Fast X is now showing at the cinema.


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