Hudson Park pupils meet musical idol

MUSIC CELEBRATION: Former ‘Idols’ runner-up Lloyd Cele visited Hudson Park Primary School on Tuesday last week, after a video of the school choir singing his hit song ‘Make it Easy’ went viral on social media. Picture: ALAN EASON

The sheer power of social media was on full display recently when a video of Hudson Park Primary School pupils singing Lloyd Cele’s chart-topping hit, Make It Easy, went viral.

Cele himself came across the video and shared it on his Facebook page, propelling it to more than 600,000 views.

Overwhelmed by the response, Cele arranged to visit the school on World Music Celebration Day, June 21, following requests from his fans.

“I was deeply moved when a friend showed me a snippet of the video. It stirred so many emotions within me that I couldn’t resist sharing it. The response was incredible. I gained numerous likes and followers overnight.

“People in the comment section urged me to visit the school, and after speaking with them, I knew I had to make it happen,” Cele said.

Despite being released in 2011, well before many of the foundation phase pupils were born, Make it Easy has resonated remarkably well with this young audience.

Cele believes the song’s widespread appeal stems from its simplicity and catchiness.

“Make it Easy is a song I wrote to convey the idea of an effortless, stress-free love. It has a simple yet unforgettable melody that lingers in your mind. It’s a crowd favourite at weddings and parties, and I still receive numerous requests for it during my performances.

“Its broad appeal allows people of all ages to enjoy and sing along,” Cele said.

Mackenzie Moonieyan, an enthusiastic eight-year-old grade 2 pupil, was one of the fortunate children who had the opportunity to share the stage with Cele.

Overjoyed at the chance to sing alongside the star, she said: “I felt incredibly happy. It’s been my dream to sing with a renowned artist like Lloyd Cele. His voice is amazing, and he did some great moves on stage!”

Cele also took the time to pose for photos with parents and pupils, as well as autograph copies of his book, The Dream Of An Idol, which chronicles his musical journey.

Cele has an exciting lineup of stage performances planned for the remainder of the year, including appearances at festivals in Cape Town, Nelspruit, and even the US.


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