GO Review – Black Mirror

VIRTUAL REALITY: Annie Murphy stars in the first episode of season six of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’, titled ‘Joan is Awful’. Picture: SUPPLIED


Genre: Drama, mystery, sci-fi

fBlack Mirror stands tall among the few shows that have stood the test of time, continuing to release captivating seasons a decade after its premiere.

This remarkable series, now in its 11th year, remains an embodiment of unparalleled creativity and intrigue.

Embracing an anthology format, Black Mirror presents viewers with standalone episodes, each delving into a distinct genre and story that can be enjoyed in any sequence.

Employing speculative fiction, the show’s narratives venture far beyond the realms of reality, exploring scenarios that are seemingly unrealistic.

Episodes either transport audiences to futuristic dystopias infused with cutting-edge sci-fi technology or present-day settings that amplify aspects of everyday life.

Throughout its various seasons, Black Mirror tackles recurring themes, offering thought-provoking commentary on subjects such as data privacy and surveillance, virtual reality and political satire. These poignant insights into the fabric of society have become integral to the show’s identity.

The dedicated production team and talented writers deserve recognition for their craftsmanship, as they spare no effort in ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience.

The visuals seamlessly complement the gripping storylines, enhancing the overall impact of each episode.

Comprising six seasons and a modest total of 27 episodes, Black Mirror provides the perfect opportunity for a weekend binge-watch. While the narratives unfold in different eras, each installment carries a profound societal critique that lingers in the minds of viewers long after the credits roll.

Additionally, Black Mirror boasts an array of familiar faces, including Anthony Mackie, Daniel Kaluuya, Micheala Coel, Bryce Dallas Howard and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Their performances contribute to the show’s undeniable appeal and further elevate the viewing experience.

Black Mirror may have a strong affinity for sci-fi, but its dark humour, sharp satire and unpredictable plot twists make it an absolute must-watch for a broader audience.

Fortunately, this exceptional series is readily available for streaming on Netflix.


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