Youngster with bright racing future ahead

LOADS OF POTENTIAL: Chaytin Collins prepares for his race. Picture: TAMMY FRAY

The GO!&Express caught up with nine-year-old Chaytin Collins from Hudson Park Primary School, the youngest entrant and winner of the Junior B division for Border Stockcars 1660 challenge held on June 17.

When did you start racing and why have you stayed interested in the sport?

I started racing last year when I was eight. I love racing and the competitiveness of it, as I come from a racing family.

How do you prepare for races?

Listen to my dad, take in all the advice and guidance he gives me, and practise on my PS4.

What does your title win of Junior B division mean to you?

That win was for my mom’s birthday. I went into the challenge very nervous as we had a full class, but took it race for race, and hopefully one day I will take part in the 1660 class.

What more do you hope to achieve this year in stockcar racing locally and regionally?

My next event is on July 8 at KKK in Oudtshoorn. I finished third last year. I have gained a lot more experience, so I’m hoping for a good outcome. I like to race competitors who are better or faster than me.

Tell us more about the specs of your car and what you love most about it? 

My car is sponsored by Bruce Green. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to race. It’s a mini with a 1275 engine, front wheel drive. My dad has made a lot of changes to the car to suit me, for instance I battled to reach the gear lever, but I can now reach and change gears.

What advice do you have for young athletes?

You can’t win every race but you can try. Race for fun, not for wins. Have fun and winning will come easy.


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