Baker cooks up own creative solutions

We chat to Charlton Smith about the cake baking business he runs with his wife, Leshae

FANCY TREATS: Charlie and Shae Bakes is a baking business run by Charlton Smith and his wife, Leshae. Pictures: SUPPLIED

What kind of products do you make?

We create novelty cakes and cupcakes for special occasions.

When did your business start? What inspired you to start this business venture?

We started in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown. I come from a family of bakers and chefs, so food has always been a big part of my life. It was only a matter of time before I paved my own path and starting this venture.

How many people do you work with?

I work with my wife, Leshae, who does a lot of the decor elements.

What do you think makes your business stand out from similar ones?

What makes our business stand out is the service we offer and the quality of our products.

How do you come up with your cake designs?

Typically, our clients send us designs of what they have in mind, and we replicate it as much as we can but with our own style.

Who would you say is your target market?

Our target market is anyone who has any sort of function and anyone who enjoys quality baked goods.

What are some of the goals that you are working towards?

We are working on creating a catering and event decor department.

What advice do you have for anyone interested in starting a business?

Do what makes you happy.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced? How did you overcome these challenges?

One of the challenges I’ve faced has been self-doubt and comparing my products to other people’s. I’ve had to learn that my product will always be different and that I make really good cakes.

The biggest challenge we’ve been having has been load-shedding. To work around that, I bake when there is electricity, even if it is at 1am.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

I am working on a lesson plan where I will be teaching the basics of cake decorating.

Where can our readers find you? (contact details/social media)

WhatsApp: 076-600-6331,Facebook: Charlie & Shae Bakes


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