Vet to fill gap left by SPCA clinic closure

The closure of Berea Veterinary last year and the SPCA clinic this year, left many East London residents without an outlet for their animals. Dr Nicky Webb and her team officially opened the Snyp Clinic in Bereain Tacoma Arcade, Chamberlain Road, on August 2, much to the delight of animal lovers around Buffalo City.

The clinic specialises in providing veterinary services to people who are unable to afford it. Webb will focus specifically on the sterilisation and vaccination of dogs and cats.

Some of the services on offer at the clinic, include spaying/neutering surgery, annual vaccinations, rabies vaccination, nail trims, microchipping, tick & flea treatment and deworming.

Webb has worked at the Cape Town and East London SPCA clinics, and also has overseas experience in the field.

The vet aims to step in and fill the gap that was created by the closure of the SPCA clinic.

“My goal is to offer high quality lower-cost sterilisations and vaccinations to pet owners and NPOs who require assistance. The goal is to reduce the burden on animal shelters by preventing unwanted pregnancies.

“I am also passionate about seeing rabies controlled.  We have a serious outbreak in East London and surrounds.

“Rabies is a terrible disease that threatens animal and human lives,” Webb said.

Webb, with the help of her assistant, Ziyanda Ondala, has already started making a difference and has already sterilised more than 15 cats.

It is important to note that Snyp Clinic is not a replacement for a regular veterinarian.

Snyp Clinic applies a traditional payment system and proof of income is required from clients to determine the cost estimate for the animal’s procedure.

Payments are made in advance immediately or prior to the animal’s surgery or vaccination.

This approach allows the clinic to provide animal welfare services to animal aid organisations, and to remain sustainable, while keeping costs as low as possible.

“We have received an overwhelming amount of support since opening and have been inundated with messages and calls requesting quotes.

“I am so grateful to my family and friends who have supported me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue doing the work that I have been doing and to provide a service to those who need it,” Webb said.

FURRY FRIENDS: Dr Nicky Webb opened Snyp Clinic in Berea on August 2 . The clinic aims to cater for animal sterilisation and vaccination needs. Picture: SUPPLIED


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