Women’s Day race attracts record entry for Overtakers

The Overtakers Athletics Sports Club celebrated their second annual Women’s Day race on August 9.

The event has grown in popularity because it offers the opportunity for runners to participate in more half marathons.

The race attracted more than 1,200 runners this year, who took part in the 5km, 10km and 21km races.

Malixole Kalideni, 31, of Old Selbornians Road Runners, was the first to finish the 21km race in a time of 1 hr 10 min 44 sec.

“It was my first time participating in the Women’s Day race and I enjoyed every single moment out there.

“The race was good, and the hills were tough, especially before the halfway mark and the weather was cool,” said Kalideni.

Mzoli Mpalala, 61, a Boxer Athletics Club member, took part in the race for the first time and finished the 21km in 01:34:00.

He was impressed with how well the race was organised.

“It is important to show consideration for the fight against GBV and women abuse. The race is a good idea.

“I am looking forward to running it again,” he said.

Chair and founder of the club, Templeton Yoba, expressed his gratitude for the support from the runners who took part in the event and ensured its success.

“This year’s race event far exceeded our expectations as we achieved a mark of more than 1,000 runners,” Yoba said.

“In a project of this nature, the major focus has been to be above the break even point and be resourceful enough to consider the main objectives.

“These objectives for this year’s Women’s Day race included meeting the growth aspirations of the club, the running fraternity and advancing the fight against GBV and assisting the needs of less fortunate runners.”

Bulelani Mgubo, 40, won the 10km race in a time of 33:16.

It was his second running of the race.

“The first time was just a fun event but this time it really felt like a race.

“This year’s race was much bigger than the last one and it felt good to run with so many people.

“It shows that people are supporting our club and I am happy to be a part of this experience,” Mgubo said.

Running coach and respected columnist Bob Norris believes the race is an important part of the running circuit given the upswell of family participation it attracts under the banner of celebrating women and raising awareness of GBV.

Norris said: “The event is good for Overtakers because it gets more public support behind the club and supports the growth of local half marathons.”


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