CANINE CUDDLES: Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin star in the romantic comedy ‘Puppy Love’. Picture: SUPPLIED

Genre: Comedy, romance 

Puppy Love is a romantic comedy that follows two unlucky in love individuals with vastly different personalities who match on a dating app.

This is a simple, predictable romantic comedy that faithfully holds up to the expectations of the genre and is an entertaining watch for all rom-com lovers.

Nicole Matthews (Lucy Hale) and Max Stevenson (Grant Gustin) suffer through a rather unsuccessful first date, and decide to cut contact and never speak again, a plan that works quite well until it is discovered that Nicole’s dog, Channing Tatum, has made Max’s dog, Chloe, pregnant.

This leads to comical and heartfelt encounters between the leads, both human and canine, that audiences are sure to swoon over.

Woven into comedy and romance are references to real life problems the characters are experiencing which is a refreshing spin on the genre and makes it more believable.

Max suffers from social anxiety and works through it with therapy and Nicole comes to terms with some of her negative personality traits, such as selfishness.

The relationship that grows between the two as they navigate being ’doggy grandparents’ while figuring out a way to get along, is fun to watch, and it is interesting to see how they enable growth in one another. The chemistry between the two actors really shines in the last few scenes.

In addition to the human romance, the dogs are super cute and fun to watch.

The music that plays throughout the movie is fun and the director’s choices for the visuals are to be commended.

Puppy Love is a simple movie that feels relatable and authentic, a rare quality in many rom-coms of our time.

Puppy Love is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.


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