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HANDFUL OF HORROR: Sophie Wilde stars as Mia in the new scary horror movie, ‘Talk to Me’. Picture: SUPPLIED

Genre: Horror, thriller 

Voted the scariest horror movie of 2023, Talk to Me is not for the faint-hearted and deserves more than one viewing, if you watch it in the comfort of daylight.

The film follows a group of friends who have fun with an embalmed hand that allows them to encounter supernatural spirits by saying “Talk to me”.

At first, they have fun, allowing themselves to be possessed by spirits until one of them goes too far. Mia, played brilliantly by Sophie Wilde, struggles with losing her mother and accepting the circumstances of her death and finds an escape whenever she encounters the spirits.

However, this quickly devolves into a nightmare from which there is no return.

The film is very well shot and manages to incorporate elements from other horror movies while remaining unique and refreshing with a limited use of CGI. This lends the film an air of realism that makes it even scarier to watch.

It also touches briefly on themes of grief and loss evoking sympathy for the hellish fate of the characters.

There are many jaw-dropping moments and genuinely frightening scenes that make you appreciate the pause button, just so you can have a moment to compose yourself before you continue.

While Talk to Me fully deserves a five-star rating, there are a few minor complaints. There is little background given on the hand and how it works in relation to the spirits. The ending is also not very strong as none of the characters’ conclusions are explored.

Perhaps the sequel, which is already in production will shed more light on the story. However, none of these issues take away from the brilliance of this movie.

Talk to Me is available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video.


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