GO Review – Nowhere

SURVIVAL STORY: Anna Castillo stars as Mia in the new Netflix survival thriller, ‘Nowhere’. Picture: SUPPLIED

Genre: Drama, thriller 

Nowhere is a movie that takes a familiar survival thriller and puts a unique spin on it that will keep viewers glued to their screens for the one hour and 50-minute runtime.

Pregnant Mia (Anna Castillo)and her husband, Nico (Tamar Novas), escape war-torn Spain by means of a maritime shipping container. After getting separated from her husband, Mia finds herself stranded in the middle of the ocean, with no way to escape. She is forced to rely on her own survival skills to keep herself, and later her newborn baby, alive.

The film combines realism and fantasy in a heady cocktail that is so engrossing, viewers forget to question glaring holes in the plot such as Mia’s cellphone battery mysteriously remaining uncharged for 26 days while she floats at sea for weeks in a bullet-riddled industrial container.

Castillo steals the show, as a mother fighting against all odds to keep herself and her baby alive.

She constantly finds ways to keep herself going, using the items in the container to keep herself warm, hydrated and fed.

There are multiple scenes that should be watched with caution, including one harrowing scene depicting Mia giving birth inside the container as well as eating her own placenta to survive. Subsequent scenes including the murder of refugees are explicit in the horror they evoke.

The use of CGI must also be commended considering the baby that Castillo is acting with is fully animatronic.

While the plot is nothing new, the directors and writers of Nowhere are able to tell an inspiring tale of survival. One can’t help but feel sorry for Mia as she deals with her unending strokes of bad luck.

Nowhere is available on Netflix. 


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