Dorchester Heights residents fix potholes

GETTING IT DONE: Dorchester Heights residents join forces to fix a stretch of about 400m on pothole-ridden Smythelon Road. Pictures: SUPPLIED

After ongoing complaints and multiple attempts to get BCM to fix the gaping potholes in their area, frustrated Dorchester Heights residents have resorted to using their own resources and labour to fill them up.

About 30 community members joined forces, and with the technical guidance of Neil Schrier and Rob Wainwright, fixed a pothole-riddled road of about 400m.

They mainly focused on Smytheland Road and Black Rock Bend.

The residents provided a roller, a truck and five paid labourers to assist.

Schrier, who used his expertise to guide the residents on the project, said he and other motorists were tired of having to fix damage to their cars due to the potholes.

“Our cars get damaged easily and it is expensive to constantly have to fix the wheels and the rims,” Schrier said.

“We have reached out to BCM and our councillor but there has been no response.

“We had a community meeting and we decided to do it ourselves.

“We have East Coast Asphalt and other residents who donated the resources and the labour.

“Rob and I brought our techniques and skills and made sure everything was done correctly.”

He said the project had cost the residents just over R200,000 and took only three days to complete.  Wainwright said Buffalo City residents had to start doing things for themselves if the municipality failed to assist.

“The municipality has absolutely no interest nor does our councillor,” said Wainwright.

“So the only way forward is to get down to it and do it ourselves.”

Having now completed the project, Schrier said his team were open to assisting other residents with similar projects in their areas.


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