Gonubie to build new park on land prone to dumping

FUN AND SAFETY: Gonubie residents have opted for a new children’s park for their community, after voting in an online opinion poll. Pictured is the ward 29 councillor, Val Knoetze, at a park similar to the one she hopes to bring to the Gonubie area. Picture: SUPPLIED

Residents of Gonubie have chosen to transform a plot of land, previously prone to dumping, into a lovely children’s playground.

This decision was made after 670 Gonubie residents voted in a Facebook poll posted by ward 29 councillor, Val Knoetze.

The poll was conducted to request residents to decide on a community project to spend part of next year’s ward-based money on. The options included a skateboard park, the children’s playground and a dog park. The children’s playground received the most votes with 294.

“The three parks have been my dream since I was the ratepayer’s chair, but I was told that the ground couldn’t be used because of red tape.

“I have spoken to the parks department about allowing public open spaces for this use, and they are happy that we work together on these endeavours.

“Gonubie deserves to have spaces that we can enjoy and be safe in,” Knoetze said.

The land in question has been used as a dumping ground, a factor that has raised concerns for some residents in terms of safety and hygiene.

“Parks and engineers from BCMM will put together possible plans to make this as safe an environment as possible.

“Bearing in mind that it is a public space, and we therefore can only do so much as far as indemnities and safety go.

“We plan to use our ward-based money for as much as possible, but I will have to ask the public for help in getting all of this dream into a reality.

“Thanks to the relationship with our SAPS liaison officer, Gonubie Protect and the reaction teams that are working around the clock to keep us safe, we will be able to enjoy our hard work,” Knoetze said.

Gonubie resident Glynis Bowkers is in full support of the playground, as long as it is managed correctly.

“We definitely need this. It needs to be fenced and gated so our children are safe.

“All children should be accompanied by an adult whose care they are in during the visit. This will hopefully control vandalism. The park should be closed and locked every night, and then opened again at an agreed time in the mornings,” Bowker said.

While the majority of the residents are on board, there are quite a few who feel that the money should be used on fixing the potholes in the area.

“I think the infrastructure needs attention more than any of the mentioned items.

“Our cars take a pounding daily and electricity is tripped regularly. Fix those first then we can think of less important things,” said disgruntled resident Quinten Reeder.

Knoetze has invited residents to a weekly ratepayer’s meeting to be held every second Tuesday of the month at the Gonubie Bowling Club, where she will be giving a monthly report on current problems and allow residents to bring questions and queries about what is happening around Gonubie.


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