BKCOB equips local NGOs with skills to sustain, grow their impact

The Good Deeds Committee of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business proudly awarded 14 local NGOs on November 15 with certificates for having completed its 10-month development programme.

The aim of the programme is to empower non-profit organisations, charities and community groups with the essential knowledge, skills and resources needed to enhance their compliance with legislation and professionalism.

These necessary skills will enable NGOs to further their outreach work and play stronger roles in their communities.

Committee member, Caron de Coriolis, said the initiative had been designed to provide support for NGOs and the work they did.

“By enabling them to operate more effectively in their specific domains, we aim to attract increased corporate social investment spending and grant funding.

“This support will ultimately contribute to sustaining and growing the impact of these organisations within our community,” said De Coriolis.

Some of the main areas covered in the training sessions included good governance practices and ethical foundations, human resources, budgeting, proposal writing, marketing, social media presentation and communication, and other aspects of business management.

There was no selection criteria to be part of the development programme and any interested organisation with a mission to better their community could benefit from it. “A significant success story within this initiative is the collaboration among participating organisations. For instance, the Siyakholwa Development Foundation operates diverse programmes across the Eastern Cape, such as First 1000 Days, Smart Start, and Skills Development.

“Rather than duplicating efforts by deploying additional resources to underserved areas, they’ve fostered collaborations with existing groups working in those regions,” said De Coriolis.

Marion Marillier, of Mom to Many Development, said she was grateful for the opportunity for NPOs to receive the necessary attention and assistance in the much-needed help which they provided to people in their communities.

“Thank you to the entire Border-Kei Chamber of Business team for helping us to not only improve our offerings to the communities we serve, but also for putting us out there and helping us gain the much-needed exposure we need in this industry.

“I always say to people it’s always nice to interact with like-minded people, who don’t just see NPOs as the poor cousin, but rather as the much-needed entities that we are,” said Marillier.

The Good Deeds Committee aims to continue the programme to provide a solid foundation for more NGOs and individuals within the Border-Kei region, providing them with access to training and enabling their outreach to grow.


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