Cyclists raise money for pediatric surgery patients

The Eyabantwana Border 1000 cycle race took place on Friday and Saturday, November 3 and 4, from various locations meeting up at Old Selbornian Club in East London.

The race consisted of three cycle rides including 80km, 38km and 20km. The 80km started at Stutterheim with 80 participants, the 38km started at Maclean Town with 25 participants and the 20km started at Python Park with eight participants.

Trystan Viaene, event organiser, said the race was a total success.

“The community supported our event from near and far, with some cyclists coming through to participate from Cape Town and Gqberha.”

This year’s race was a tribute to Andrew Wienand, who passed away in a hit and run accident while training with fellow cyclists.

The race took place at the same time as the Springbok trophy tour in East London, which proved to be both exciting and chaotic.

“Due to the Rugby World Cup parade, we had an issue with motorists who had ‘passes’ and urgently needed to get to the Bokke, speeding along the NEX on the finish line. This was incredibly unnerving, due to the fact that our event was a tribute to promote road cycling safety. And yet, cyclists were in fact at risk of danger, even though payment was made to the department of traffic to securely close the NEX for the event.

“Other than that, the event was a great success with a festive atmosphere all over, and Bokke Parade past our finish line, 30 minutes prior to prize-giving. It was a true experience,” Viaene said.

The funds raised from the race will be used by the Eyabantwana Trust to purchase equipment for the East London department of pediatric surgery.



First male: Jason Miller(U23) — 01:48:01

First female: Juanita Mackenzie (VET40+) — 01:58:32


First male: Hayden Salzwedel (U15) — 00:56:02

First female: Carla Hartslief (U21) — 00:59:31


First male: Grey Gaylard (U11) — 00:35:56

First female: Summer Gaylard (U13) — 00:32:00


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