Greatest works of the age to be performed at Guild

Popular East London pianists Jacques du Plessis and Germaine Gamiet are preparing for their concert, Piano 4 Hands, at the Guild Theatre on Tuesday November 28.

While the pair has worked together on numerous musical theatre productions, this will be their first collaboration on a project of this nature.

“The audience can expect to be taken on a sonic journey through different musical style periods and are offered a glimpse into the musical language of iconic composers.

“The music we chose was based on both what we enjoy playing and what audiences would enjoy listening to. All the pieces we’ll be presenting are well known to the avid listener and that makes them pleasing to perform,” Du Plessis said.

The music they will be performing was specifically written by the likes of Mozart, Schubert and Poulenc for four hands at one piano.

“The works we are playing are complex and much detailed work must take place in order to be true to the composer and composition.

“The best way to describe the difference between playing solo or together is that we have to think for ourselves and each other at all times which we do not when performing solo,” Du Plessis said.

Both performers have master’s degrees in music, with Du Plessis sharing his skills at Stirling High School, while Gamiet explores his talents in arts management.

“Playing duets is such great fun, as you get to make music with other people and have the opportunity to explore the colours of the instrument in such a big and full way without having the sole responsibility to make it come alive.

“We really believe that encounters with music speak to our hearts and minds, and are good for our families, friends and our city,” Gamiet said.

Tickets are available for R120 per person, and R50 for students and pensioners, and can be purchased via Whatsapp on 079-496-0354.


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