Tini empowers BCM residents through her real estate workshops

Xoliswa Tini, a prominent realty entrepreneur and innovator launched the first in a series of mentorship and workshop programmes on November 20, aimed at empowering people in Buffalo City Metropolitan (BCM) to enter the real estate sector to boost job creation, tourism, and investment in BCMM.

The first session was held at Blue Lagoon Hotel, Beacon Bay, with more to be held throughout 2024.

Tini, the founder and principal of Xoliswa Tini Properties, is a teacher by profession, who transitioned into entrepreneurship and real estate. With more than 22 years’ experience in the industry, she has played a pivotal role in breaking barriers and dispelling myths about black individuals’ capabilities as estate agents.

Tini’s primary goals for the workshops are to broaden participants’ perspectives on real estate and to  encourage them to create a passive income and property portfolios, even while maintaining their existing jobs.

The workshops will cover topics such as entering the real estate market as an investor, using property as a financial asset, and leveraging one’s property. The focus of this is to reduce dependency on employment, increase understanding of passive income, and create job opportunities.

The workshops will focus on the practical aspects of property ownership, emphasising that owning property is the first step to success.

Tini sees numerous opportunities in Buffalo City that incoming real estate agents can tap into, including the shortage of houses, development of retirement establishments, first-time buyer entry-level options, and growing well-developed student accommodation.

She envisions BCM becoming a top tourist and investment destination, if more role players are recruited into the realty sector.

With the city offering excellent schools, low traffic, minimal crime, and unique community dynamics, Tini believes that BCM provides ample opportunities for growth and success for those interested in a future in real estate.

Tini hopes to continue educating people about property as an investment, aiming to see better-managed establishments and cleaner surroundings in the city.

Her legacy is centred on empowering individuals to realise their dreams through property ownership.

Mentorship is very important to Tini, who believes her career would have been even further today if she’d had a mentor in the industry early on and she hopes to be able to play this role for others through her workshops.

She said: “It is time I educate this generation with the wisdom I gained over the years, as I see that as my responsibility and something I can give back to our city and our people.

“I want to make a difference in people’s lives and more over to our city. People feel and look better when they have financial control of their lives.

“Even the suburbs we live in and spend lots of money buying these properties in, started small with original owners but because they had the knowledge and access to finance through their properties, they made the best of their homes and from that specific home, businesses were built.

“We will see better-managed establishments and cleanliness around the city when people become owners and know the value of maintaining and keeping their valuable properties.

“Most people use their properties just to live in, not realising that owning a property is the first step to success. If maintained properly one can leverage from one property to more and grow the portfolio with time. These are the lessons I will be focussing on.

“We can even reduce the increase of shacks in our city if we show people who own RDP homes how to leverage this property to their advantage to reduce grants and multiply this into a proper income.”

Tini’s mentorship and workshop programmes stand as a beacon of empowerment, offering valuable insights to individuals in Buffalo City seeking to enter the real estate sector and create a positive impact on their lives and the community.

To find out more about bookings for next years workshop please email: hlumi@xtp.co.za or contact her on 043-726-0541.


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