Ulwazi High School starts new year early


HARD WORK: Grade 12s hit the ground running at Ulwazi High School in Mdantsane. Picture: FACEBOOK

For more than a decade, Ulwazi High School has maintained a 100% matric pass rate, and the school is determined to continue this in 2024.

The grade 12 pupils have returned to their classrooms early to ensure they achieve the same pass rate this year.

Principal Mihlali Makhalima said this was one of the steps to ensure pupils passed with flying colours.

Makhalima said they had to hit the ground running because of the limited time they had.

“If you look at the 2024 academic calendar you find that on March 20, schools will close, which gives us 46 days of teaching, which is absolutely nothing.

“The first term is usually the most important one.

“This is where we tackle the syllabus and with only 46 days and with elections coming up, it means we have limited time.”

He said he was confident his 2023 matric pupils would get positive results.

“We are positive about our 100% pass rate because of the effort we put in.

“If you put in the effort, the end results will definitely be satisfying.

“We are hoping to get a number of bachelor passes when the minister announces the results; we know every learner has worked hard.”

Makhalima said the staff had the pupils’ best interests at heart.

“If we have a Good Friday, we honour it and continue with the work.

“During the festive season we planned for it and after January 2, we just have to get back to work.”

Starting the syllabus early gave pupils time to understand every subject.

“It also assists pupils to not panic when they sit their final exam.”

His advice to pupils is to avoid social media.

“Pupils need to give it their best and focus on their future; get help from their teachers and switch off social media noise and focus on their work and they’ll do well.

“It’s just a few months.

“They must decide early which career path they want to follow and work towards achieving that.”

He said the department of education had provided them with the necessary equipment and they were ready to welcome more pupils.

“The department delivered books and stationery in 2023.

“We start registration for the grade 8 pupils next week.” — This story first appeared in the Daily Dispatch.


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