Hutchinson’s new thriller hits shelves

Andrew Hutchison’s daring crime thriller series, Unckle, has returned to the bookshelves this month, with the second release entitled Unckle: The Legacy.

The book, which was released on January 10, is the second instalment in a four-part series that follows the exploits of the seedy characters of the underworld — Unckle, Barbar and Rafiki Majosa — who become embroiled in murder, intrigue, and double-crossing from the townships and the bushveld to the pelagic zones of the Indian Ocean, set against the backdrop of African culture and Asian mysticism.

Unckle: The Legacy follows on from the first book and is inspired by Hutchinson’s concern for the rapidly disappearing natural and cultural amaXhosa heritage in the province. It serves up a smorgasbord of culture, psychology, and a spin on the grab for Africa and the continents riches.

Unckle: The Legacy brings into question economic and social systems of exploitation that shed light on the porousness of SA’s borders including the credit offered by spaza shops to impoverished communities, the arranged marriage system for foreign nationals, manipulation of SA’s financial structures and the hand that China plays in perpetuating the underworld.

The book, described by critiques as blockbuster worthy, took six months to complete and adds more depth into the convoluted universe of the characters we met in the first book while also foregrounding the arrival of new characters and interesting plotlines, whose exploits will be covered in the third and fourth book.

Hutchinson said the experience of writing and researching the book brought him into deeper connection with the Eastern Cape and the lustrous amaXhosa heritage and he fervently hopes that the book will encourage local audiences to preserve indigenous cultures, protect our children and develop an awareness of the natural world.

The book is also intended to make global audiences aware of the delicate relationship between man and beast and the precarious survival of Africa’s wild and uncultivated beauty.

Through fiction, Hutchinson is able to lend real life events a touch of fantasy that leaves an indelible impression on the minds of readers.

He adds: “I am inspired by Africa, there is no place like it. Africa formed me and although I have travelled the world, my African experiences remain unchallenged in terms of adventure, adrenaline, and pure addiction to this place which I’m sure comes out in my writing.

“These books brought me very close to the history of the Eastern Cape, going back to the days of Nxele and I had many lively debates with a notable historian and writer, Desmond Schultz of Nahoon.

“The book exists in the space between fiction and non-fiction, making for a great action packed literary adventure.”

Hutchinson’s next book, Impimpi is a social thriller set in Goppas, which will also be adapted for the screen and will feature a local cast.

Unckle: The Legacy is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo for the affordable price of R54 for an e-book.

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COMPLEX CONCERNS: Andrew Hutchinson at the launch of a previous book ‘Puffadders in the Panicuum’, in 2022. Pictures: SUPPLIED
CRIME ABOUNDS: The book, ‘Unckle: The Legacy’.


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