Remembering Liz Ekron: A floral maestro with a heart of gold

ast London is mourning the loss of beloved florist Liz Ekron who passed away on January 3.

Ekron was more than a florist; she was an embodiment of dedication, hard work, and kindness.

Her life was a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and her family.

Ekron opened her own enterprise in Cambridge, operating from her husband’s garage, until her floral expertise reached new heights, and she became a prominent supplier for Pick n Pay and other companies.

Despite battling illness, her indomitable spirit kept her going until her peaceful passing at Ebenezer Frail Care after seven years.

Beyond her floral artistry, Ekron found joy in gardening, fishing, and the culinary arts.

However, her true passion lay in her florist shop, where she poured her heart into creating unique and personalised designs.

The family urges the people of East London to remember her as synonymous with flowers and for her outstandingly original designs tailored to specific client requests.

The Ekron family wants Liz’s clients and friends to know that she lived to provide flowers made with loving hands, a sentiment that touched the lives of many in East London

She is survived by her sister Magdalen, children Mark and Carmen, and four grandchildren.

As the community pays its respects, Ekron’s memory lives on through the vibrant petals of the countless bouquets she lovingly crafted, each telling a unique story of love, celebration and remembrance.



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