Mrs SA much more than just the crown

Only EC finalist asks for business support

EAST London is once again asked to support one of their own on her quest to become Mrs South Africa National 2016.

Desiree Cornelius
Desiree Cornelius

Desiree Cornelius is a top-12 finalist set to represent the Eastern Cape in the pageant later this year and said that she is the only one from the province.

As a finalist, she is expected to raise funds and they have been given monthly targets.

“I’d like to appeal to businesses to please support me in turning my dreams into a reality. Any form of sponsorship would be greatly appreciated.”

The Miss South Africa finalists are expected to be able to raise R18000 cash before September 5.

“I attended our finalist workshop held in Johannesburg last month. It was such a privilege to represent my province,” Cornelius said.

The pageant is designated to operate at the same level as the Miss South Africa pageant meaning that the winner gets to represent South Africa on an international platform. The pageant aims to contribute towards the eradication of poverty from civil society by donating food parcels, blankets, and support to poor communities and centres.

And by strengthening their capacity of teaching centre management, they are able to provide efficiency, operational excellence and sustainability of better services.

Finalists of the Mrs South Africa National Pageant are involved in visiting selected centres providing assistance and guidance.

“I was crowned first-runner up in the National Miss Curvaceous Pageant back in 2014, and I have also won the Miss Dance and Modelling Network photogenic competition in collaboration with DAMN™ and Prognosis Empire. I’ve also been appointed as the first official ambassador for Joley’s shoes and have been a brand ambassador for the likes of Ana 11 designer wear, Salary Sure and recently joined Khoi Kulcha as one of their brand ambassadors,” she said.

This pageant also allows a platform for charity and community work which, according to Cornelius, is one of her strongest traits as she is of the belief that there’s so much more to just winning the crown, such as to carry the interests of the people at heart and to be a servant.

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Desiree Cornelius


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