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Chace Collett adds SA Miss Teen title to long list of achievements

ACCOMPLISHED dancer Chace Collett has proven she is no ‘one-trick pony’ by adding the title of Miss Teen South Africa to her list of achievements.

Only doing a bit of modelling on the side, Collett entered the Miss Teen SA competition not expecting much. “My mom found out about the competition and I thought I’d give it a try. I submitted photos including a head shot, swimwear and a full body photo and was surprised when I was called to the finals in Pretoria,” Collett said.

TAKING THE LAURELS: Dance extrodinaire Chace Collett is delighted to be crowned Miss Teen SA over the weekend
TAKING THE LAURELS: Dance extrodinaire Chace Collett is delighted to be crowned Miss Teen SA over the weekend

With a few tips from Deryn Vogel, Chace headed to the finals over the weekend, where she was assessed in a private interview, answered questions on stage and modelled a number of outfits.

“It was a real challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone and do something like this. I am used to just dancing on stage, but in this competition, I had to conquer my fear of public speaking in order to achieve my goal,” Collett said.

“When I heard my name for the actual title I was so surprised and overwhelmed,” she said.


“It is nice to know that I’m not a one-trick pony who can only dance. I am proud of myself for overcoming my fears to win this title.”

Beyond 2000 founder, Dr Ellen Roux, who hosted the competition in Pretoria, said: “Chace stands out because she is humble, has poise and style and did good interviews both privately and on stage. She could be a great Miss Teen SA because of her humility and her ability to work hard for charity”.

Merrifield School, where Collett matriculated last year, was quick to congratulate Chace on her achievement.

“Merrifield School is extremely proud of Chace having won the title of Miss Teen SA. She is a wonderful ambassador for Merrifield and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours,” Merrifield spokesperson Tracey Mangold said.

The title will assist her in achieving her dream of moving to America to become a commercial dancer and photographic model.

A Los Angeles agency is interested in her and she is presently in the process of applying for a work visa.

Winning overall grand champion performer of South Africa this year and overall grand champion performance of the world at the World Championships of Performing Arts last year are among her successes.

With the Miss Teen SA title comes the responsibility of being involved in charity work, appearances, judging competitions and product promotions. She has selected Reach for a Dream and the SPCA as her chosen charities.

She will also be expected to represent her country in Las Vegas in June next year.

To contact Collett for any public appearances, promotions, endorsements and charity events, e-mail


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