Foul mess bad for business

BCM promises to fix road, toilet pipe

OFF-PUTTING STENCH: Raw sewage is seeping from a broken outlet pipe at the municipal public toilets in the Oriental Plaza causing a health hazard and a stench in the area Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI


TRADERS in the Oriental Plaza are pleading with Buffalo City Metro to fix potholes and burst toilet pipes.

The GO! visited the area this week and saw that the sewage was visible and dirty water was streaming down the road where people walk and drive.

Trader Pradeep Dhaya, who owns Dhaya Shoe Store in the plaza, said some potholes had been fixed by BCM on the one half of the plaza, but there was still a lot to be done because the roads affected their businesses.

“People prefer to go somewhere else [because of the potholes]. People don’t want to damage their cars,” he said.

Dhaya, who is also the spokesman for the businesses in the plaza, said that there has been a problem with the public toilet at the lower section of the Oriental Plaza.

LARGE CRATERS: The potholes in the Oriental Plaza in North End has business owners and shoppers angered as it causes damage to their cars. Shop owners say many people prefer to shop elsewhere because of the roads Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI

“Over a year ago, a pipe was blocked. BCM has tried to fix it [to no avail], but it needs to be replaced,” he said.

A regular shopper in the plaza, Ellen Ettinger said she had repeatedly reported the state of the internal roads. “The businesses must be losing a fortune with the roads in the state as they are,” she said.

Dhaya also mentioned that there was a lot of overgrown vegetation around the plaza.

Pradeep Dhaya

BCM spokesman, Sibusiso Cindi said the municipality “will fix potholes in the plaza during our next visit”.

He said they were not aware of the broken pipe at the public toilets but promised that BCM officials would look into the matter.


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