Murdered Mdantsane women identified

Two Mdantsane families have come forward to identify the bodies of two women recovered at the bottom of a cliff in Mdantsane last week.

Nomaynet Matoyo from Mdantsane’s NU5 believes one of the bodies retrieved was that of her 24-year-old granddaughter Bongiwe Matoyo, who went missing on May 1.

The women are believed to have been abducted, raped and murdered before their bodies were dumped in the bush.

Police spokesman Captain Mluleki Mbi said blood samples would be taken for tests to determine whether the DNA from the two bodies matched that of the members of the families.

The bodies were discovered by community members who were chasing after an alleged rapist last week. The community had heard the screams of a teenage girl coming from an unfinished RDP house.

While community members chased the perpetrator they stumbled upon the two bodies.

Yesterday Mbi said: “At this stage there is no positive identification. We will only know on Tuesday when we release the results of a DNA test if the two bodies are positively linked to the families.”

A heartbroken elderly woman from Mdantsane’s NU5 believes one of the bodies retrieved from bush at the bottom of the creek is that of her 27-year-old granddaughter, who went missing on May 1. A sobbing Nomaynet Matoyo, 84, told the Dispatch that she had last seen Bongiwe Matoyo taking laundry to her security guard boyfriend in the evening of May 1. The family thought Bongiwe was with her boyfriend the entire time she was gone.

Matoyo’s cousin Chwayita Mahashe said they strongly believed the body found was Bongiwe’s.

Matoyo said Bongiwe’s boyfriend, only known as Axolile from NU 6, is a security guard at Mdantsane City Mall. He has been frantically asking if anyone had seen Bongiwe since she disappeared, said Matoyo.

Bongiwe has a four-year-old son, Sinoyolo.

The Dispatch visited three schools in Mdantsane on Thursday after community members claimed that one of the bodies could be that of a pupil at one of the schools. The high schools were Zinzani in NU5, Hlokoma in NU3 and Wongalethu in NU5.

Zinzani high principal Ntobeko Gaca said all his 327 pupils were present.

A 15-year-old pupil from NU6 who escaped from the alleged serial killer after she was raped, is still receiving counseling.

Xolisa Nokoyo, 37, who ran after the suspect, said he helped police at NU1 to draw up an identity kit of the suspect.

“He was was tall and a bit chubby, probably aged between 36 to 40 years, with a moustache. He was wearing a red T-Shirt, red hat and black pants.”


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