Sassa, state capture and will Zuma go – MPs’ questions to the president

President Jacob Zuma.

President Jacob Zuma will appear in the National Assembly on Thursday 22 June 2017 for a scheduled appearance to answer questions posed to him by parliamentarians. Here is the question paper:

Rev K R J Meshoe (ACDP) to ask the President of the Republic of South Africa:

Whether‚ notwithstanding that he has taken certain aspects of the remedial action contained in the Public Protector’s State of Capture report on judicial review and whilst acknowledging his decision to appoint a commission of inquiry into various matters related to state capture‚ he will ensure that allegations of criminality‚ based on prima facie evidence contained in the specified report‚ will be expeditiously investigated by the relevant law enforcement agencies; if not‚ why not; if so‚ what are the relevant details?

Ms P C Ngwenya-Mabila (ANC) to ask the President of the Republic:

(a) What government programmes are in place to strengthen engagement with sector stakeholders in delivering on the radical socio-economic programme in the rural economy and (b) what benefits are we seeing as a result of these programmes?

Mmusi Maimane‚ the Leader of the Opposition (DA)‚ to ask the President of the Republic:

Whether‚ in light of his statement on the acquisition of nuclear energy during the Debate on Vote No 1 – The Presidency‚ Appropriation Bill‚ in the National Assembly on Wednesday‚ 31 May 2017‚ and the contradictions between the Government’s plans to address future energy needs and public statements made in this regard in light of the country’s actual predicted future energy needs‚ the Government is still intent on pursuing its nuclear new build programme after the Western Cape High Court ruled on 26 April 2017 that all processes and agreements followed to date in the Government’s pursuit of nuclear power were unlawful and unconstitutional; if not‚ what is the position in this regard; if so‚ will the Government commit to pursue any future nuclear deal with maximum transparency given the opportunity for wide-scale corruption?

Ms F S Loliwe (ANC) to ask the President of the Republic:

he release of the first quarter employment statistics reflect that the jobless rate has risen to 27‚7% and whilst we are aware that there are more persons today in employment than in 1994 and that the unemployment rate has remained constant since 1994‚ (a) what are the key reasons for this and (b) what are the ongoing plans‚ including policy‚ programmes and new initiatives of the Government to address this in the future?

Mr M P Galo (AIC) to ask the President of the Republic:

Whether‚ with reference to the nationwide protest marches calling for his resignation‚ the court application for his impeachment that is set to be heard by the Constitutional Court of South Africa and the report of the probe sponsored by the SA Council of Churches entitled Unburdening Panel‚ which alleges that under his leadership South Africa is on the brink of becoming a Mafia state‚ he intends to step down and allow for other leadership to take the reins?

Ms H H Malgas (ANC) to ask the President of the Republic:

With regard to the Government’s White Paper on Comprehensive Social Security‚ which proposes the establishment of the National Social Security Fund‚ how will the fund (a) operate and (b) benefit the most vulnerable sectors of the communities?


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