Eight arrests in Quigney drug raid

Hawks detectives in the narcotics enforcement bureau may have smashed a major drug syndicate operating in the heart of East London.

A raid at the notorious triplestorey Currie Court building in Currie Street, Quigney, yielded a haul of mandrax, crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine (tik) and heroin.

Eight people were arrested at four flats inside the building.

They have been charged with possession of and dealing in drugs.
The suspects – Asanda Tunyiswa, Juma Saed, Mohammed Ali, Saleh Abdullah Kasim, Rajaba Mshana, Shafii Miraji, Choo Omary Juma and Adura Chande – appeared in the East London Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The state released Saed and Ali on R1 000 bail each and their case was postponed to August 8 for further investigation. Kasim, Juma and Chande abandoned their application because they did not provide the state with immigration papers.

Their case was postponed to July 19 for further particulars.
Mshana, Tunyiswa and Miraji were denied bail because they face other pending cases ranging from housebreaking and theft, possession of suspected stolen property and dealing in drugs.

Bail magistrate Nazeem Joemath told these three that they had been charged under schedule 5 of the Criminal Procedure Act, which meant they were required to put forward evidence showing it would be in the interest of justice that they be released on bail.

In denying them bail, the magistrate said he had found no exceptional circumstances prompting him to release the three.


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