Seeking justice and hope in life

MR JUSTICE South Africa semifinalist Caviner Ruiters, along with family members and friends, visited the children’s oncology ward at Frere Hospital recently.

BRINGING HOPE: Mr Justice semifinalist Caviner Ruiters visited the Frere Hospital’s children’s oncology ward last week. He gave a message of hope and resilience, telling the children a story about bravery. Pictures: MADELEINE CHAPUT

Dedicated to advocating morality and peace in the community, Ruiters has always had a passion for helping children.

“I strongly believe in one of Nelson Mandela’s sayings: ‘A society’s soul is judged by the way they treat their children’. I think people often forget about children, especially those in vulnerable situations,” Ruiters said.

The former John Bisseker Secondary School pupil’s visit sparked excitement in the C3 ward at Frere – children and their mothers listened intently as Ruiters told a story about bravery, encouraging the children to hold onto hope and remember their worth.

“My mother and my aunt both survived cancer, but watching them go through so much pain and suffering really opened my eyes and has instilled an intense passion for those suffering from cancer,” he said.

Ruiters shared a message of faith with the children and their mothers, encouraging them to keep hope alive and remember their beauty, resilience and strength.

“Even though the situation looks dark, there is light at the end of the tunnel. These children are so strong and brave and I want them to remember that and hold onto hope,” he said.

Although not based in East London anymore, Ruiters is still active in his old community of Parkside and Pefferville. As an outreach education project of the Mr Justice SA pageant, the young East Londoner recently visited Pefferville Primary and also spoke at the United States Agency for International Development (Usaid) international conference on the issue of women’s rights earlier this year.

Semifinalist reaches out

The school project works along with the No Crime Culture project and seeks to reinstil morality in the youth through educational projects at schools as part of his campaign to become Mr Justice SA. Ruiters chose Pefferville because it is surrounded by poverty, and he wanted to encourage young people to finish school so they can better their lives.

Next weekend, Ruiters will be at the Vincent Park Mall promoting NGOs involved in the fight against women and child abuse, as well as the Childhood Cancer Foundation (CHOC).

He will also be visiting Gauteng as part of the Mr Justice SA pageant, promoting NGOs and advocating a “no-crime culture”.


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