Kupelo dismisses ‘no doctor to treat Majodina’ report

Eastern Cape health spokesman, Sizwe Kupelo has dismissed reports that sport and arts MEC Pemmy Majodina had to be rushed to another hospital as there were no medical doctors in the first one.

Majodina was injured in Ugie on Saturday afternoon after her vehicle was involved in an accident as she was being driven home from a funeral of a colleague.

BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW: MEC Pemmy Majodina leaves Life St Dominic’s Hospital Picture: SUPPLIED

On Monday Majodina’s spokesman, Andile Nduna told sister newspaper Daily Dispatch that the MEC was driven to Maclear Hospital after she found no doctor to treat her at the nearest Ugie hospital.

But Kupelo said there’s no hospital in Ugie.

“There is absolutely no truth to this statement, as there is no hospital in Ugie. This area is serviced by a normal primary healthcare facility which operates during business hours from Monday to Friday,” said Kupelo.

“The patient arrived in a stable condition and was seen by a doctor immediately on arrival at the Maclear Hospital. All clinical protocols were followed including taking the history of the patient and upon clinical investigation, diagnosis was done and medication was administered to the patient, including dressing,” he said.

“We dismiss the allegations reflected in your article about the service received by the patient.”


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