67 minutes call for wheelchair drive

THE Sweethearts Foundation is launching in East London and invites everyone to participate in their week-long Mandela Day campaign.

AT LAST: Four-year-old Caleb, who has cerebral palsy, received his wheelchair on February 1. With him are Sweethearts Foundation’s Ashley Nel and Caleb’s mom, Meggan Geswint Picture: SUPPLIED

The Sweethearts Foundation’s challenge is to collect 67 bottle tops in 67 minutes or as many bottle tops as you can in 67 minutes this week.

Founded in 2013, the Sweethearts Foundation is a non-profit organisation that recycles bottle-tops and bread tags and then uses the proceeds from those recycled goods to buy wheelchairs for individuals who cannot afford them.

“A wheelchair should be a basic human right and until that happens we won’t stop [with this project],” marketing director for the Sweethearts Foundation Ashley Nel said.

It takes 450kg of bottle tops or 50kg of bread tags to purchase one wheelchair. Those participating can drop off their collected bottle tops and bread tags at PnA stationers.

The stationery store generously sponsored R30000 in order for the foundation to market themselves and launch in East London.

“PnA have really put a lot of effort into helping us market The Sweethearts Foundation and we hope, in time, that we can work with schools in East London and get them on board to start recycling regularly,” Nel said.

The Sweethearts Foundation operates in Johannesburg, Pretoria and in Port Elizabeth and have, to date, given over 200 wheelchairs to individuals in need.

Nel hopes that East London will be able to collect enough bottle tops to enable the organisation to hand over a wheelchair to someone in need in the area at the end of the month.

“Government waiting- lists are a minimum of three years, often people never see the wheelchair they need so desperately,” Nel said.

“We hope that The Sweethearts Foundation will become well known in East London and the public will start to collect bottle tops and bread tags regularly.”

For more information please visit their website at www.sweet heartsfoundation.org Alternatively you can also contact Ashley Nel at ashley@sweet heartsfoun dation.org

Become a Sweetheart and start collecting those bottle tops and tags!


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