‘We’re coming for you’ – water guzzlers warned

Cape Town authorities will start knocking on doors this week to install devices that restrict the supply of water guzzlers.

Faced with precariously low dam levels and consumers failing to meet reduced water consumption targets‚ the city is now acting on its promise to throttle water wasters.

“If there is a knock on your door‚ don’t be surprised when it is our Water Inspectorate and law enforcement agencies coming to inspect your water use‚” said mayoral committee member for Informal Settlements‚ Water and Waste Services‚ and Energy‚ Councillor Xanthea Limberg.

We’re coming for you’ – water guzzlers warned

“Our stubborn high users have received warning notices. We will be forcibly reducing the water use of those who cannot justify their high water usage. We will see our first cases this week‚” she said on Monday.

Dam storage levels are at 27.9% but the usable water reserve is now at 17.9%. Water usage is 642 million litres per day – 142 million litres above the city target of 500 million litres of collective water use per day.

Previously‚ water management devices were only installed to assist with consumer debt management and not high usage.

The city’s water inspectorate and law enforcement agencies have handled about 33 000 enquiries‚ contraventions‚ notices and revocations of special water use exemptions since the end of October 2016.

Despite some consumers ignoring pleas to conserve water‚ many others have found innovative ways to save or reuse their household water.

“Our rainfall thus far in July has been minimal – at most recorded points at least half to one-third less than our long-term July average. If we do not save now‚ we will run out of water‚” said Limberg.


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