Serving all book lovers since 1975

THE digital age has come full circle, yet young and old are returning to the habit of holding a book in their hands and turning the pages, an experience only a book can give you.

Oxford Book Shop and Book Exchange has been serving the needs of the East London public since 1975.

TREASURE TROVE: Oxford Book Shop and Book Exchange, situated in Chamberlain Road

From Christian to children’s books or novels, the store has more than 35000 books in stock including previously read paperbacks and new children’s books.

Book lovers can also swop their old paperbacks that are not older than four years, and then get a credit value for them to exchange on a replacement book.

The store is similar to a library, but the difference is that readers own the books, and the titles are the latest available.

As its commitment to social responsibility, the store has teamed up with the Small Projects Foundation and supports 17 previously disadvantaged schools in establishing school libraries.

The shop is situated at 17 Chamberlain Road.

It is open seven days a week. Debit and credit cards are accepted. Inquiries: (043)726-4427.


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