DV residents furious as rubbish piles up


Duncan Village residents have accused Buffalo City Metro of forgetting about them after refuse was allegedly not collected for two weeks – resulting in piles of rubbish causing a health hazard.

The livid residents said some street corners have seen rubbish pile up for years without any intervention from the metro.

When the Daily Dispatch visited the area yesterday, exposed black bags lay in stinking heaps on pavements in front of houses.

Gloria Tiso, 68, who said she has had the garbage bags lying exposed in front of her house for two weeks, said the municipality should care more for its residents.

“We should not have to worry about calling the municipality to do their job.

“We are angry that we have been left in this situation because we also pay taxes.

“BCM is letting us down and the worst part is it’s going to be summer soon. Then the smell will really get bad,” Tiso said.

Residents said the uncollected rubbish had not just become an eyesore but also posed a health hazard, especially for children.

Mpaku Street resident Thando Yeye, 35, said she had called BCM to collect the rubbish and was told they only had one truck for the area.

“We are as important as any other area like Beacon Bay because we also pay our rates and taxes.

“They had a programme where people would clean up the area, but that had stopped and now BCM just forgets about us.

“The mayor wants to waste money changing the city’s name but he can’t buy more trucks to bring decent service to us,” she said.

Yeye said the last time the waste collection truck had come to collect rubbish the driver had turned around because cars had double-parked in the street.

Mfundo Kumgweyo, 27, echoed Yeye’s sentiments.

“They came here and just turned right back around and skipped a few streets.

“He could have told us to move and they could have come in and cleaned up our street.

“This is very bad for our health,” he said.

The rubbish was seen spilling over from the pavement into the street and in other parts of the neighbourhood trash was covering the street, restricting entry to homes.

However, ward 1 councillor Kuhle Ciliza said BCM was doing its level best to turn the rubbish situation around.

“I am aware of the problem, but when BCM cleans up the area a week later the rubbish is back.

“I am concerned about the fact that the residents are not co-operating with the municipality in keeping their area clean.

“They must take control of their area and maintain a clean-up consciousness,” she said.

Ciliza said she often holds awareness meetings to spur the community on to clean up their area.



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