Sharon’s Art School celebrates decade

THIS month Sharon Mallinson celebrates sharing her deep passion for art with East Londoners through Sharon’s Art School for the past 10 years.

As a three-year-old, Mallinson used to always draw at her grandmother’s house and she is now helping youngsters find their passion for art.

INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM: Sarah Drinkrow, left, and Nina Spagenberg from Sharon’s Art School had their artworks selected to represent South Africa in the Republic of China last month. The girls are just two of the many pupils of the art school to have their art exhibited on an international stage Picture: FILE

“I’ve always seen art as an avenue for self-expression. To this day, it is my tool to communicate my inner worries. I find it a wonderful means to vent! In my school I have tried to encourage others to do the same.

“As youngsters we all used to draw, but as we get older most people stop. This is where we are going wrong. If you love something passionately, try and practise this as often as possible. I encourage adults to start practising art again,” said Mallinson.

Sharon’s Art School offer classes for four-year-olds to adults.

“I have pupils doing Grade 12 art at my studio through Cambridge University in the UK. I also have pupils completing portfolios for tertiary institutions.

“I have pupils who just come to enjoy the experience, as well as those who need art therapy to help them through a difficult phase. I have a master’s degree in visual art education, which helps maintain a very high standard in my school,” said Mallinson.

She also runs art classes at six schools.

AWARD WINNER: Grade 1 pupil Kayla Rice recently received a double gold award for her pottery bird at the East London Primary Schools exhibition. She also received gold for the picture behind her, and attained another gold at the same exhibition. Sharon’s Art School is proud of her and all its other many award winners over the last 10 years

“I run the art departments at Nkwezana Primary School, Clarendon Preparatory School, George Randall Primary and I also help run the Tsogo Sun Art Academy. Altogether we touch almost 900 pupils’ lives a week,” said the art lover.

Mallinson said she enjoyed the freedom that art offered and “the individuality of the subject”.

“I see art as a subject with no right and wrong answers. Children love this and feel freer in the art room to try different ideas. It is through this freedom that real creativity surfaces. This is a really beautiful thing to witness.

“I started Sharon’s Art School 10 years ago with the idea that it would be a place where children and adults would feel confident and excited about art. It is a place where you can express yourself freely without anyone correcting you.

“I feel that I have succeeded in offering my original idea. Sharon’s Art School is a safe place for pupils to grow and succeed in the art field. Although my school does very well in art eisteddfods, it is never my aim to promote the end product, but rather to enjoy the process,” added Mallinson.

To find your child or your own inner Picasso or just some freedom, join Sharon’s Art School today.

For more information, contact Sharon Mallinson on 084-652-7885.


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