New-born baby found in black refuse bag

A new-born baby was found hidden in a black refuse bag on the veranda of an East London home on Saturday afternoon, with a note from his mother asking the child to be taken to a place of safety.

A new-born baby was found hidden in a black refuse bag on the veranda on Saturday afternoon Picture: FILE

The note has done so little to impress members of the police who are now looking for the mother of the child to arrest her.

The threedayold baby was found abandoned in the Haven Hills house of a 51-year-old school teacher shortly before 3pm.

Police spokesman Captain Nkosikho Mzuku said the baby was first spotted by a group of four children who were visiting their friend in the teacher’s house.

“They knocked and when the teacher opened, they informed her that there was a baby inside a black municipality refuse bag. The teacher opened the plastic bag and found the baby boy wrapped in a male T-shirt and a jacket. She called police who arrived on the scene and found a note inside the bag,” Mzuku said.

The note written in isiXhosa read: “Please take this child and take him to the police station. His father wants to sell him. I ran away with him (baby). He will be looking for us. It’s better I die rather than him (baby) because he is innocent. I gave birth to him at 11am on 14 September 2017. God bless you. Thank you.”

Mzuku said the child was taken to Frere Hospital where he was named Ntando meaning “Love”.

The letter found by the abandoned baby.

Police are still waiting for a doctor’s referral letter for the child to be taken to a place of safety.

Mzuku said police were now looking for the mother, father, relatives or anyone who might have information about  the baby’s family.

He said anyone with information could contact members of the East London Family Violence and Child Protection Unit on 0437229718.

DispatchLive/Zwanga Mukhuthu


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