Man unzips‚ gets two years’ supervision sentence on sex charge

Jean zipper.
Jean zipper.  Image: iStock
An East London KFC delivery man has been found guilty of exposing himself to a woman customer when he delivered her order to her home with the zip of his trousers open.

Wonga Thambodala‚ 34‚ of Amalinda was sentenced to two years correctional supervision on charges of exposure/display of genital organs to another person.

East London Regional Court magistrate Nomthandazo Vabaza handed down the sentence‚ adding Thambodala could appeal it in 14 days if he deemed the sentence unfair.

The state earlier led evidence of how‚ on December 14 2015‚ a Vincent resident had placed an order telephonically with KFC. It was delivered by Thambodala in his bike in her Frere Park home.

The woman told the court of her shock when she noticed that Thambodala’s trousers were unzipped‚ showing his genitals.

He quickly zipped up while staring at her when she raised her concerns with him.


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