March highlights human trafficking

A21 protest sees residents pray at ‘hotspots’ in city

NO MORE: Placard-carrying East London residents march against slavery and human trafficking at the weekend Picture: THANDEKA NTLONTI

GLOBAL anti-human trafficking organisation A21 held a walk for freedom through the streets of East London at the weekend.

The well-supported walk for freedom saw East London residents walking in single file from the City Hall to Quigney and back.

The participants were dressed in black and carried placards that read; “Slavery still exists” and “There are millions of slaves in the world today”, and wearing T-shirts with “Abolish slavery with every step”.

East London’s A21 walk for freedom organiser Siphokazi Mnapu said the aim of the walk was to encourage people to take a united stance that will turn awareness into action.

“With this walk, we want to shine a spotlight on the 27 million men, women, and children who are still trapped in slavery throughout the world today.

“We hope that people will join us in fighting slavery and human trafficking,” Mnapu said.

Man on a mission, founder Pastor Thabo Mkhencele led the walk in prayer and during two intervals prayed at alleged hotspots for drug dealing, human trafficking and prostitution in the Quigney area.

Many residents said the problem was rife in their area.

A21 is a non-profit organisation that operates in 11 different countries across the globe.

The anti-slavery organisation is fuelled by hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage, and completely restored.

They are the abolitionists of the 21st century and work with people from all walks of life to help free slaves and disrupt the demand.


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