SANBS need blood stocks

AS THE year draws to an end the South African National Blood Services (SANBS) are looking for more donors as they are experiencing a critical shortage of blood because of the lack of blood drives it can hold at schools and universities.

There is a critical shortage of blood across the country, with blood stocks at just 1.5 days of group O stock, equating to about 1 473 units as of November 1.

SANBS has a goal of a five- day stock while they are still on a 3.5 day stock.

“We need people to donate blood,” , SANBS East London donor relations practitioner, Rene Vice, said.

SANBS East London branch has a target of 24 214 split between Berea, Beacon Bay, East London mobiles and Mthatha.

“At the Beacon Bay donor centre we are 600 units behind our year to date target,” Vice said.

Dr Rema Mathew emphasised the importance of blood donation especially for children diagnosed with cancer.

Mathew also spoke about the warning signs for childhood cancer.

Donate blood today and save lives.

Minimum blood donor requirements:

  • Aged between 16 and 65 years;
  • Weight 50kg or more;
  • Good health; and
  • Lead a sexually safe lifestyle.

To donate blood in East London, go to their Berea or Beacon Bay office or call their toll-free number on 0800-119-031.


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