Sundale gives CHOC kids big energy boost

Dairy to donate products to help their recovery

SUNDALE Free Range Dairy has committed to providing the East London branch of CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation) with a regular supply of dairy products to aid the recovery process of children undergoing treatment.

TIME TO EAT: Zintle Nxanga with her son Zenani, who is brother to Mbali, who is receiving treatment for cancer at CHOC East London Picture: SUPPLIED

Cancers in children tend to be different from those found in adults, most often occurring in the developing cells like bone marrow, blood, kidneys and nervous system tissues. With some exceptions, childhood cancers tend to respond better to treatments such as chemotherapy and children’s bodies tend to cope better with chemotherapy than adults’ bodies.

Eating the right foods can help reduce the side-effects associated with chemotherapy, boost the immune system and speed healing. Yoghurt is a good choice of food to eat after chemotherapy for several reasons. The Cancer Cure Foundation states that yoghurt is mild and bland so it may help to reduce nausea. It also contains protein and calcium, which helps keeps bones and muscle healthy.

Sundale CEO Pierre van Rensburg said: “Dairy is the building block of healthy bodies and by donating products to CHOC, we hope to help bring about renewed health for the affected children.

“It is important that chemotherapy patients eat only pasteurised yoghurt, because unpasteurised yoghurt can cause food-borne illness. There is a great need to educate the public about the health benefits of pasteurised dairy, particularly in our rural communities and this association allows us the opportunity to provide much needed aid and to educate families.”

CHOC provides the essential support, care and counselling that is needed to endure the treatment stage of childhood cancer by providing a full time social worker in the unit. Debbie Kleinenberg, regional manager at CHOC East London, said: “The regular supply of milk and yoghurt to CHOC in East London assists greatly with reducing running costs. We are very grateful to Sundale”.


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